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Thread: Navigating TBI

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    Default Navigating TBI

    I don't know where to begin with this and don't want every detail on a public forum so pm me if you can possibly help

    Where/how does the family start stepping in after its obvious there are issues that need to be addressed BUT the only person who is ever contacted is the person who needs help?
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    Traumatic brain injury?

    I have two family members with TBI (unrelated incidents....) and I know how wretched it can be - it is an invisible but very serious handicap. How to handle depends on the issues. Is it that the person is not able to care for self? Employment issues? Paranoia or emotional instability? Vulnerability to scammers / abusers? Danger to others? Relationship issues? Both my relatives with TBI had frontal lobe damage. They have a very hard time forming or maintaining any kind of relationship, lack empathy and the ability to read social cues, can be difficult and push others away, suffer from depression. I am sure some kind of therapy could help but that would require the patient's willingness.

    I hope someone else has better answers for you.
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