So I'm pretty certain Dh has add or ADHD. The similarities between him and my ds3 who has it are striking. I'm also fairly certain that his highly defensive attitude is a result of his father's short temper and inability to calmly deal with dh's impulsiveness as a child. Dh has learned to use his ADD brilliantly- he is the most effective multitasker I have ever seen. He is fascinating to watch. As a result he has been wildly successful at sales and business building. He's also very good with numbers and very observant. I think I've posted here how he sold his 7 year old business to a major manufacturing company for millions. He has learned to use his add in very impressive ways. HOWEVER, he is also very, very defensive and does not communicate well. He takes any little critique as a personal attack and attacks back in a sarcastic aggressive way. He also never apologizes. It takes days before he will admit he hurt my feelings even when I outright say, "you owe me an apology." He will let the hurt simmer for days before he apologizes. He has very few friends. Any man he meets he immediately puts down either directly through "just kidding" or to me privately. His friends are his employees and people who he doesn't feel threatened by. It's pretty sad, really. When he is calm and content with how his business dealings are going he is fine to live with. But when things aren't going well, I'm (and I imagine his employees) walking on egg shells.

Lately things aren't going so well. I won't get into what's going on because it can't be changed for another 3 years. I'm wondering, though, if adults diagnosed with add who start medication, can be successful? If the medication does calm him down, will it also affect his business acuity? Will he lose his ability to multitasks? He's learned to cope successfully with his add except in his social life. I'm wondering what we could expect.