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    Default I do not want to nurse. How to handle at hospital and other questions.

    UPDATE #24

    I have zero interest in nursing DC3, due this fall. I nursed my previous 2 for a little over a year each. I am 100% sure that not nursing is the best thing for the happiness of my family and me this fall.

    My big issues are (1) guilt for the first few days - the colostrum which is supposed to be essential/magical/important for the baby, and (2) delivering at a hospital which has a policy that breast is best and (3) deciding on a formula.

    Should I still do the nursing for the first few days for the baby's benefit then switch to formula on day 2 or 3? Will the anticipated mastitis H!ll be worse for doing so? Will it make it harder to switch to bottle?

    Also I am not sure how to address the issue with the hospital. Just say after delivery- I am not nursing, period? At the hospital tour we spent about 15 minutes on how they insist on skin to skin contact to encourage nursing in first hour, all the benefits of nursing, and the importance of in-room bonding (not sending baby to nursery) for breastfeeding. This is a new place bc of insurance change. I'm a seasoned mom and I was intimidated.

    Also for formula. One of my kids is Ana to milk (and other foods). Should I start this baby out on regular milk formula? I'm getting inconsistent responses from ped and OB. Anyone with Food allergies with other children care to weigh in? Do you bring formula and bottles to the hospital?

    Thank you in advance!
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