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    Default Double Inline Strollers - Tipping over

    Hi everyone, I am looking to buy a single stroller that can convert into a double inline stroller. I had kind of decided on the Britax B-Ready (the stroller needs to be good for uneven surfaces as I live in northern Canada). However, after talking with a friend who uses the 2012 model of the Britax B-Ready with two children, she told me that if her oldest child gets out of the stroller, with the youngest in the car seat still, then the stroller tips over. Has this problem been corrected in newer Britax B-Ready models? Are there other configurations to put the seats in where this wouldn't happen? Are there any models of inline double strollers that would not tip over if the second child had got out of his/her seat? Is tipping over in this situation just something I will have to accept as part and parcel of an inline double stroller?! Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks

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    We have a model probably similar to your friends and I don't recall having any issues with tipping , although I don't believe I used it very much with a car seat attached. I can picture how it could be an issue if the child on the bottom was really struggling to get out maybe. Overall our B-ready served us really well.
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    My sister loves her baby jogger city select. She has never had any problems with it tipping.
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