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    Default help with toning and building muscle in my arms..

    my arms are really fat, badly unproportionate with rest of my body and are jiggly and fatty without muscle. does not look good at all. i cant wear sleveless clothes or tops. is there a way to tone my arms to make it strong, muscular and less jiggly? also i really want to reduce the circumference of my arms. it is too much at 13 inches right now..

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    You might not ever get them perfect/ no jiggle.
    I do assisted pull ups (and an occasional real one), tricep dips, skull crushers, tricep push ups and tricep presses (and I think I'm forgetting some).
    I do regular and hammer bicep curls.
    Don't neglect shoulder work too as that makes the area look good. Push ups, flys, overhead presses.
    You can find lots of good books and videos. Even better would be to work with a trainer, even just once for 30-60 minutes, to design a routine and ensure good form and technique.

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