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    Default Magnesium supplement/Epsom salt bath?

    DD is on Intuniv for ADHD and it has worked well, but I am starting to notice some symptoms returning; hyperactivity, 'nervous energy', impulse control, ect. She is currently on the lowest dose and I don't want to increase it because she is doing well in school and she got very sleepy the first few weeks after starting the Intuniv.
    I have been reading about magnesium supplements and Epsom salt baths to help with hyperactivity. The baths seem like an easy thing to try, but I have a few questions. DD likes to 'swim' in the tub. Is it safe to get in her eyes? What about washing her hair? I rinse her hair by having her lay back in the tub, she doesn't like water poured over her head.. Would the Epsom salt be ok for her hair? Also, how much, how long, how often? Anyone try it? Does it work? Would a magnesium supplement be better than the bathes? If so, any recs for that? TIA!

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    Epsom salts are OK for hair, IME.

    I was adding them to my DD's baths with a "calm" essential oil blend (I think it's sandalwood, bergamot, & lavender) for a while until I ran out of both. We would wash hair with it in the water and never noticed a negative impact, however I did/do use clean water to rinse rather than having DD lie back in the tub.

    Of course, I keep my DD's hair quite short (chin length bob mostly; currently, it's quite short due to a mishap with scissors last month), so YMMV.

    We are dealing with suspected ADD/ADHD here too, but haven't started meds or other treatment. FWIW, I didn't notice any changes in DD's symptoms on days after she'd had the baths, though a lot of her bigger struggles last year seemed to be due to a personality mismatch between her and her Kindy teacher and the fact that our district had half-day K ... *sigh* (She still has troubles this year in 1st, but hasn't acted out the way she had been at this time last year. We have an eval coming up the end of this month, so we'll see what all they say.)
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    I give my older 4 magnesium every morning. It's the natural calm original powder, 1 tsp. We use it to prevent constipation.
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