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    Default San Diego for four days - DL worth it?

    Will be in San Diego for four days in December. Is it worth it to drive to DL for one day? Would we be able to see enough to make it worth the trouble? If we do go should we only plan to visit one "land" since we are short on time?

    We wouldn't spend the night - get up early, spend the day, and drive back when exhausted.

    Been to DW before but never been to DL. Thanks for the advice.

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    We've done it on our SD visits. I really recommend staying the night before near Disney- it's so nice not to have to drive up in the AM.

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    I would limit it to one park for sure. Absolutely go. Know that December gets crowded, but have a great time!

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    I vote no. DL is so expensive now, and as PP noted, it will be crowded. DL does have some charm that DW lacks (IMO), but if you've done DW, you're likely to be disappointed by DL, especially what you could do in only one day.

    It might be worth going to California Adventure just because it's so much different from any of the other parks, but I think San Diego has enough to do on its own. I would skip Disney.

    Are you aware that it can be a three-hour drive from San Diego proper to Anaheim? There is some construction on I-5 in southern Orange County, and there are NO alternate routes.

    I love San Diego, so I would just find things to do there for four days. What do you have planned?
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    While I'm a HUGE DL person, going for only day is pretty expensive ($115-119 per person, depending on the day, for every person 10yo+, and $99 for each child 3-9yo)... Plus more if you want to visit both parks. If you had 2-3 days to go, I'd wholly recommend it. But, for essentially a partial day (leaving SD at 6:00am would mean DL by 8:30ish, going solid for 12 hours maybe [on a day it will likely be open 8am-12am], back in the car, and be back to SD by 11pm-ish), it seems a bit spendy.

    Looking at it from a purely financial standpoint, let's assume you'd be going on a weekend or "peak" day. For ease, let's assume a family of 4: 2 adults, and 2 kids, one over 10 and 1 under 10. So, for one day, that would be $454 for admission. It's a fair bet that the park would be open 8am-12am, so 16 hours. $454 divided by 16 hour operating day equals $28.38 per hour. However, if you cut your day short, let's say 12 hours, it's $37.83 per hour. 9 hours? $50.44 per hour. And that's not considering food (hot dog meal is $7 for hot dog and chips or apples, and another $3.69 for a soda, or $42.76 for a family of 4; and that's one of the cheapest meals they sell!)...
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