We're planning a remodel that at earliest will start in January - I'm thinking more like February. 2/3 of our house will be under construction and we will be living in the remaining 1/3, so a lot of that will need to be packed up as well to give us living space. I can't believe we're doing this.

I've got the week of Thanksgiving off work so will have Saturday to following Sunday to get some purging done and prepare and cook Thanksgiving dinner for 6 people. We're away for 2 weeks over Christmas, so I'll have 1 week after we're back (but I'll have jet lag for some of that week). I thought I should use the Thanksgiving week to purge as much as I can and then when we have a start date, we can box up and put into storage. Or should we start some of the boxing and storage now? We do have a garage, but not sure on how much we can put in there as may need it for some remodel supplies. DH thinks we should rent a storage unit for furniture and things we won't need during the remodel, and only put in garage things we may think we need.

I thought I should start and go room by room. I did DS's room and toys over the summer, so it's:

Master bedroom - DH needs to do his own closet and things
Linen closet
Family room
Living room

We could clean out more things from the garage. I'm keeping some old toys for work if I ever work with birth-3 year old (currently work with 3-11 year old), but I could take the bins of toys to stack in my room at school.

How do you decide what to get rid of? I know for clothes it's what doesn't fit or I don't use. But what about all the other stuff we have, like in the kitchen and family room.