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    Default Dog teeth

    I used to be really good about brushing our dog's teeth regularly. Then the girls were born Then the dog got diagnosed with a heart murmur so we (and vets) are generally reluctant to put her under any kind of anesthesia. Plus she's old now. I need to find something to brush her teeth with that will at least maintain her current dental health. Her teeth aren't too bad, though there is some tartar build-up since she's around 12 years old.

    Any recommendations that wouldn't be too unpleasant for her? I used to use a chlorhexidine dental solution. I could probably do that again if it's the best option...she definitely hated it though.

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    There is dog toothpaste, but just the act of brushing will remove a lot of the plaque that leads to tarter build up.

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    We use this:

    It's beef flavor and she doesn't fight when we (DH) brush her. I'll buy chicken flavor next time, since I've finally figured out it's her preferred flavor.

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    Default thanks for all this info

    my dog has terrible teeth, i am going to try a few things here. thanks to everyone for posting.
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