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    Default Stroller regret!

    Hello! I was around the boards 7 years ago with my first baby. Now I have a 6 month old. I did lots of research with everything I learned from this community and was sure I picked the right "everyday" stroller: Maclaren Mark II. Super lightweight and I had a Quest many years ago and really liked it. Overall love the Maclaren brand.

    I used the Mark II today for the first time and I really DON'T like it! The handles are no longer foam and the hard plastic is uncomfortable. I find the folding mechanism changes to be annoying (though maybe I'd get used to that). But most importantly I kick the wheels when I'm walking. I'm 5'8" and usually wearing 1-2" heels. I never had a problem with kicking the back of the Quest.

    What should I do? I received it as a gift from Amazon but it's used (just barely!) so can I return it? What should I get instead?

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    It seems that you are looking for a light weight, quick in and out stroller. The Quest still has the nice foam handles and the newer models recline more. The Uppa Baby Gluxe might also work for you and it stands upright by itself. Also, there are some new travel strollers that have a very small fold and fit in the overhead of a plane. The Mountain Buggy Nano is really liked and I have read in reviews that the back isn't likely to be kicked while walking.

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    I still love my Mac quest... 8 years and five babies and it's still going strong. 😄

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    I don't know about the amazon return policy in this situation but you should be able to resell easily.

    I have a babyzen yoyo and love it so so much. It's lightweight, it folds tiny (cabin luggage sized), it's super sturdy and very comfy to push with the bar handle. I have easily pushed it one handed through the airport with a 42lb kid in the seat and another 20lb hanging off the handle/under basket (while also wearing baby in ring sling). I'm 5'7" and often wear wedges and haven't had any kicking issues. I found the handle to be quite low on the nano but I like a tall handle.

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