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    Default Skip Hop Duo in French Stripe

    I am contemplating ordering the Skip Hop Duo in French Stripe. I have one DS,just about a year. Most outings include diapers, wipes, clothes, snacks, few toys, bibs.

    I currently have a nylon Columbia bag I purchased with my first DD, eight years ago. I loathe it. It is olive green, and just ugly.

    How big is the Skip Hop Duo? Any cons that you have found?


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    I was given the regular Skip Hop Duo (not the double) for my 3rd, who is 8 months and it is my main diaper bag. My other kids are older (8 and 6) so its pretty much just used for the baby. I did recently order the double because I thought I wanted a bigger bag for a trip (and I had borrowed a friends double to use for travel when my other two were a baby and a toddler). But the current one came and I felt like it was HUGE! It would have been a tight fit under the airplane seat. It had great organization and seemed well made but was just too big for my needs. I ended up traveling with my regular Duo and it worked. Hope that helps!

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