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Thread: Shakeology?

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    Default Shakeology?

    I have several friends who use shakeology/beach body and post about it regularly on Facebook. Has anyone here tried it? I'm more interested in the Shakeology drinks than the workouts right now, but two things concern me when I see it on Facebook: it seems to be one of those MLM type businesses and I try to stay far away from those, for the most part. 2nd, my friends are obsessed about it. They are all very fit, tiny waists, nice physique yet they post pictures of their workouts 2-3 x a day and I just feel like they don't have a healthy life balance-maybe that's part of the MLM aspect of it?
    Interested to see if anyone here has tried it.
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    Part of the MLM thing is a requirement to post X kinds of posts/ day. I avoid these products too. I assume you can buy the same sort of shake without going through an MLM. Like by going to GNC or something.

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    Tried it. Not a fan. Big MLM scheme. Taste isn't awesome. Nothing better than slimfast. Paleo or 30 day is better imo
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    I did their three day restart or whatever its called once. The shakes are average to me. Taste was not bad but it was hard to get the clumps out which makes it unpleasant to me. Also, the lady who was trying to sell it to me told me it came with a shaker but it does not so make sure you have one on hand if you buy it.

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