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    Default How much is in your house?

    As I'm packing more boxes, I'm getting more ruthless. Trash or donate. I'm not boxing it up.

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    26,000 pounds when we moved last summer, minus a couple of car loads that I donated as I unpacked.
    It was a corporate move with movers doing all the packing, so it was easier to sort through stuff on the other end.
    We have way too much stuff. DH still hasn't unpacked half of his office and we have a maze of boxes in the basement. We've been here for 7 months.

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    Quote Originally Posted by specialp View Post
    But lest you think the grass is greener… anytime ANYTHING is misplaced, the first instinct of my household isn’t to actually look for it. It’s to ask, “Mom (or wife), did you throw it out?” I never have. Never. Drives me batty.
    Ha this is us too! DH & I are actually on the same page with this, although I think he's actually quicker than I am to purge unused items, but the kids are pretty convinced we're just waiting to sell off/donate their toys. We do a run to Goodwill/post something on our local buy-nothing group at least once a month. We have several family members in our extended family who are/were very much on the other end of the spectrum, and I think helping those family members move/clearing out their homes after they died has made both of us twitchy about accumulating objects. We're not ultra minimalists (when we moved last we filled up one whole 16-foot moving truck for a family of 4), but we definitely have a lower bar for passing things on than many people we know. Books are probably the biggest thing we hang on to, although we've just been talking about purging those. We'll see!

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