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    Default It has been a while since we talked about ..vacuums!

    Yes, it is what you have been waiting for! Let's talk about vacuums!

    I have a cordless Hoover Linx that is a few years old. Seems to still take a charge and work but it picks. up. nothing.

    I have cleaned out all the tubes and roller bar such, so it should be working, but it is not getting the job done.

    What do you smart BBB mamas think is the best replacement for a stick vac (prefer cordless strongly bc if he does not have to plug it in, my DH will actually turn it on and push it around)? We have all hardwood and tile floors, some area rugs. No pets except hamster, but my children are filthy. Just filthy. And crumbly.

    ETA: I'm also open to purchasing a replacement battery for my Linx if anyone thinks that would help get the suction back. Has anyone ever tried that?
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    Not cordless, but I love my Shark Rocket. I got it at Costco when it was on sale a few months ago.
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    We just got a dyson cordless V6 from Costco and LOVE it! It picks up SO much more than any of our previous cordless vacuums (and more than our corded upright Oreck). Also love the way it can swivel in any direction and has good attachments to get into all the corners and hard to reach areas.

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