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    Quote Originally Posted by ArizonaGirl View Post
    We have a Golden Doodle and I would really recommend Doodle kisses it's a great resource.

    Jake is 13 months old and a complete doll.

    He isn't crazy like some say, he does shed a bit (I find figure dust bunnies), but we have a black couch and it's not that noticable.

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    We paid $1200, which is a lot but he is amazing.

    He is so good with my oldest who is autistic and has ADHD and ODD.

    So gentle and loving, we think he is pretty great

    Married to DH June 2005 gave birth to Shawn December 2008 and Lilian August 2012

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    ☹️ Now I want one... husband is still firmly NO DOG.

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    We paid $2600 for our miniature Australian Labradoodle. Our dog is a nightmare. I say this with difficulty as I am one of the biggest animal lovers in the world. She does not shed at all, is super sweet and absolutely adorable and gets stopped all the time because she's so cute... but she is SO high strung and barks **constantly.** We have worked with trainers and behaviorists and allergists etc. Nothing helps. She is now over 8yo. It's been very hard, but we adopt dogs for life so are dealing with it- but she truly has affected our life in many negative ways sadly. We did our research before buying her, know a ton about dogs, I've worked with animals all my life, bought from a very reputable breeder, etc.

    So my honest opinion is to proceed with extreme caution... esp if you have a child that would be negatively impacted by a high-stress dog.

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