My mostly (but not always) dry unfinished basement needs work including some wall repair. It's also though where we store most of our out of season stuff except for clothes. But it's in uncovered totes, random boxes on card tables, etc. I am hoping to do a big purge and get everything into good covered large plastic storage bins, that ideally would be up off the floor on some type of shelving in case of unexpected flooding since we can't afford a complete finishing/basement waterproofing system.

- I know some cheap plastic (Sterilite) has an odd smell. Is Rubbermaid my best bet for non-smelly? If I am going to need 20 tubs, who sells them the cheapest in large quantities (or is there a seasonal sale I should be keeping any eye out for?)
- What shelving would be best for example for putting a couple rows of tubs off up the floor in a way I can just slide out individual tubs? We have limited wall space, so I also want to do it efficiently. I'm not set on metal vs plastic since I don't expect my tubs to have a lot of heavy items in them. So I can probably go pretty cheap? Similarly to above - where to buy? and any seasonal sales?

Thanks for any tips!