Our 16 month old collie is crate trained. She is in there to sleep and if I leave for a bit during the day. I give her toys, but she still chews holes in every crate bed I have tried for her. I'd love to give her more room to roam, but clearly...she still chews if she's bored...she has chewed window sills, destroys stuffed animals, etc. She is not alone, our 2 pugs are crated next to her and they have to be crated because they are 16 and have little control over their bodily functions anymore. If I'm gone for more than a few hours, I take her to doggie daycare. She chews her beds at night too.

So, anything indestructible? I can't buy a new bed every 2 weeks, but it also bugs me to put her in there without a bed to sleep on (which I have lately while I search).

Or any other ideas? I'm going to ask her trainer too. I think she's due for a little training...teenage dog years! Right now she's in Invisible Fence training, so at least she'll have more room to run (we have 3 acres).