Greetings Hive! I am turning to your collective wisdom and experience on what is turning out to be a tough one for us.

The Biscuit has taken a while to toilet train. We took the plunge and did naked training at three years and three months over what we now refer to as "the naked Thanksgiving".

He finally agreed to poop in the potty almost exactly one year later.

Last fall we transitioned him from nighttime pull ups to the underpants with the inserts in them.

He is dry now about two nights out of three, but definitely NOT dry that third night. We are down to "leakage" that is either minor (e.g. a few drops on the insert or damp jammies) or major (e.g. wet jammies or wet sheets (and occasionally blankets)) about once a week. Things do go better when we limit water in the hour before bedtime (one cup, max). The Biscuit only use the potty during the night if he wakes himself up to go; if that does not happen then he will NOT get up when we try to wake him because he sleeps very deeply. Also, he wakes us up for company if he goes and I am totally over THAT.

The Biscuit is 5 1/2 now, so should we just buy an extra waterproof mattress cover, go to the double sheet/double mattress cover method that I have read about on here, and go for it over Memorial Day (when we actually will be home and without my ILs disrupting our entire routine over a long holiday weekend for once)? Should we go to the Malem alarm? Are there other or better options?

As always, TIA!!