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    Default Can't believe I'm asking a stroller ? -- Jogger Edition

    I'm officially out of the stroller business for my own kids, and have sold or given all of mine away.

    However, our nanny of 5.5 years has just had a new baby (her other daughter is 11, so no strollers at home!)

    I had asked her what she would like for a gift, and I am happy to get her a pretty nice gift, as she has been important in our family for a long time. She surprised me and commented on my habit of buying used stuff through local virtual yardsales (FB, Nextdoor) and asked me to find her a used BOB. She really liked our BOB when DS was a little (it has been sold to a friend for ~1 year now). I do not think she does much online re-sale, and at least in my area, finding a gently used or good condition single BOB is like finding a unicorn that cries diamond tears. I've asked in all my usual places, but no one has one they want to sell. I recall feeling very lucky when I bought my used 4 years ago.

    So, I started looking at new joggers. We love her, but I cannot see springing for a new BOB. I never even bought myself a new BOB.
    I saw this one- a Joovy Jogger-- on Amazon. Price is good, and reviews are good too, but I feel really out of the loop on strollers.

    No one knows more about strollers than the BBB hive, so what do you think? Other models I should consider? I'd like to stay <$250.
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    I'm unfamiliar with the Joovy, but maybe also search for a preowned Mountain Buggy or Bumble Ride Indie. Both of those strollers are great from birth and plow through everything. They are sturdy and last through multiple kids.

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    I had the Joovy 360 for DS2! I LOVED that stroller. (It's still in my garage, DS2 is 8 now and hasn't ridden in it for 3-4 years! If you're in southern California, I can make you a great deal )
    It really was a great stroller. I never had or used a BOB. I used that Joovy everyday.

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