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    Default How to clean inside of toilet bowl/inside rim

    The inside rim of the toilet bowl tends to get a black rim around it, as well as below it. Not sure if I am describing this right, but I think it comes from my son's aim, but not sure. The bottom of the toilet seat has some pee stains on it as well. I tend to use vinegar and water for cleaning, and it does not quite do the trick here. Part of the reason is its hard to get under the rim, but its not doing great on the parts I can get to either. What do you use? Thanks!
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    I use this cleaner on my bathrooms including my toilets. We get a black ring in the toilets we don't use regularly and this takes care of it. I would try cream of tartar or Bar Keepers Friend to get rid of the staining on the seat. Good luck!
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    In my house it's hard water stains that created the ring in the toilet bowl and around the rim. I turn off the water to the toilet and flush so the water level is lower than the ring. I put folded paper towel on the ring and then spray with vinegar so the towel is wet. I let sit for a few hours. I do the same under the rim.

    We swapped to plastic toilet stain as less staining if pee gets under there. I try to check and wipe ever few days.

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    I put on disposable gloves, and take chlorox wipes to the whole toilet, starting with the outer surfaces. For the place under the rim, I get my hands in there and SCRUB with the chlorox wipes. I also scrub the inside of the bowl with chlorox wipes. We have Toto toilets so there's very little water in the bowl itself. It's a gross job but it's the elbow grease that gets it done. I then let it dry thoroughly.

    I also wipe the floor area around the toilet with a fresh Chlorox wipe. Yep, girls drip too. It drives me insane but my kids just can't be bothered to take their time and wipe thoroughly after peeing.

    Then I put on a fresh pair of disposable gloves and wipe down the whole outside of the toilet, and the seat (top and bottom) with windex and paper towels. It comes out sparkling. I throw everything in the garbage afterwards!

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