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    Default If your child sees a psychologist for ADHD...

    How often do you get feedback? How is that handled? DH is a little frustrated with DD's psychologist, but I don't know how things are typically done. I don't get feedback when she meets with him, I have to set up a separate parent meeting to go over concerns, get feedback, etc. DH thinks the last 10/15 minutes of her appointments should be with me. Thoughts/experiences? TIA!

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    that is pretty typical with most psychs I think. Usually the therapist wouldn't want to talk to you about anything in front of DC.
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    Last 10 min (or so) are with me. It's that way with his current psychologist and previous one. I'd be frustrated, too, if it wasn't that way. How else do you know what they went over so that you can help reinforce at home.
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    Last 10-15 mins are with me, as is a quick 5 min check in. Visit lasts an hour.
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    I often e-mail ahead if there is something pressing that needs to be discussed so it can be on the agenda for the meeting. When they are "done" talking, DC comes and gets me to go over what they discussed and we have a short "family" session so everyone is on the same page...

    However, it took over a year before DC would go in alone, so we are all very comfortable with this provider and I am fairly certain we are in the same place and headed for the same goal. I would definitely schedule a parent session and let the provider know what you need. It is so important that everyone is in agreement with how to do things.

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    My older DD with anxiety/mild depression in addition to ADHD, I see the therapist for the last 10 minutes. Sometimes DD comes in too if necessary.

    My younger DD has the more severe ADHD, but no anxiety or depression. She does not see a therapist.

    What do they work on in the therapy sessions? What are the therapy goals?
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