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He's still young for staying dry at night. My pediatrician doesn't discuss options until 8 years old. It is not something he can control on his own. His body has to be ready. If it really bothers him I would use the alarm. But if you can convince him to stay in pull ups a while longer it may happen on its own. Have you tried Underjams vs Pull Ups? They are more big kid centered.
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I am in the give it time camp. Two kids were dry on their own at night shortly after potty training and one took longer to reliably be dry and wore goodnite pull ups, not the underwear (haven't seen those locally) until first grade. It is tough too, mine wanted to be dry and went potty before bed but it just took longer than for the other two. Good luck and hope he doesn't get too worried

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DD uses these - "girl" version, but to be honest the only difference between the two is color/styling because they use the exact same inserts.

I stocked up at Target when they were newly introduced, but have to buy refills on Amazon. (She's probably due for new pants, TBH, because these have seen about 3 years' hard use and are falling apart.)
Since DD2 had to wear a nighttime diaper or pull-up for more than 5 years beyond when she daytime PT'ed, we've tried them all. Out of the TruFits, Goodnights, Huggies Nighttime pull-ups, generic brands...Underjams were mine (and DD2's) preferred ones. They are softer and thinner, more comfy, more "low-waisted", and made less noise than the others (for sleepover purposes). The TruFit inserts are VERY bulky - like a huge maxi pad. The undies that they come with are cute and soft but the inserts made them not worth it for us...of course YMMV since this is all personal preference!!