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    Default Container for cat treats aka cat antics

    I need to keep cat treats in my living room to help deal with a particularly stubborn cat. I also need 8yo Dd to be able to open and close the container. I would like it to be decorative.
    So far I have tried
    1) a ceramic sugar bowl
    The cat nudged and nudged until the lid came off
    2) a thick paper box with a magnetic closure
    The cat chewed through the box
    3) a leather box with a magnetic closure
    The cat pushed it off the table over and over until one day she got a lucky fall and all the treats spilled into the air vent
    4) a tin with a tight fitting lid.
    She pushed and nudged until she removed the lid

    I am currently using a locking oxo kitchen canister . The cat has only managed to open it once. It is quite unattractive and not what I want in my living room.
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