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    Default anybody tried LikeAGlove "smart" leggings?

    I've seen so many ads on FB for these. Wondering if anybody here has tried them? The concept sounds so cool...just put them on and instantly get accurate body measurements and then automatic recommendations on what sizes/brands of jeans to buy.

    Looks like they are about $80, which is a bit hefty if it turns out they don't really help. Curious if anyone has ever tried them or known someone who has. I would LOVE to just be able to do my shopping online (i RARELY have time to clothes shop for myself - when i'm not working i'm with the kids or exercising or making dinner or something). However i'm really hard to shop for online bc i have an odd shape (i am the opposite of an hourglass ...very narrow hips, skinny legs). what's flattering on most women isn't usually flattering on me.

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    I tried them. I returned them. The recs I got for jeans were very minimal and they admitted that they need to build their selection for tall people. The jeans they recommended didn't even come in my size (16) If you are of regular height and not above a size 14 it might work.

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