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    Default Unbelievable!!!!!!!

    Honestly I feel like I DO have a sign of Doormat written somewhere on me?!?

    I literally just returned home from Ireland yesterday; that trip was supposed to be done earlier this summer in June. But if you recall my thread about my Mum unannounced surprise visit and her subsequent heart issues that landed her in a hospital for nearly 2 weeks.

    I woke up this morning to a text from her announcing that great news! She and uncle C decided to visit Uncle B in Toronto next month to celebrate his 90th birthday. That would be fine since it's in Canada right? No! She also decided to make a detour for 6 nights over to me WITHOUT checking with me?!?!?!?

    And why didn't Mum say ANyTHING about it while I was with her not just 2 days ago?!?!? Ugh! I replied saying since we were given no choice or heads up, we've to take you in and asked if uncle C is coming too. To my amazement she replied saying no, I wouldn't do to you as I would check with you first, so it's just me. I figured since I'm your MOM I don't need to check with you. I had to put down the phone and not even think about replying for whole day.

    But doormat, doormat??!? Am I? Ugh!

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    Boundaries, mom needs help with boundaries. But yeah, what are you really going to do when the plane res are already made?? Can she shorten her visit to you? I am sorry, that stinks. You aren't a doormat, she is the problem. If she didn't live a major plane ride away it would be different. Although at this point, with the amount that you are both flying back and forth across the Atlantic, maybe you can tell her she can only come for 3 days or something like that. yes.
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    Honestly, I would just tell her, no, I have other visitors staying with me during that time. I'm sorry but you didn't check with me first.

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    I would've said no too, but probably would still plan that she is coming to see you anyways. Good luck!

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    So sorry. That's too much togetherness with a side of wack-a-doodle issues. Good luck.

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    I would be tempted to move and not send my new address.

    (In other words, I'm really sorry your mother isn't respecting your boundaries.)
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