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    Default What are they thinking?

    So I am sending this out to the masses...

    If you type and e-mail and a paragraph starts with "I hate to say anything..." and ends with "I don't mean to make anyone feel guilty..." Don't send the e-mail.

    I have no involvement with DH's relationship with his family. I keep everyone up to date on the kids, ect. But his relationships are HIS!!! The person sending the e-mail knows what one side of the relationship is telling her, not the entire story...

    So now I have this e-mail, it will hurt DH if I show it to him. We have a major event for the kids this weekend that has been planned for over a year. DH is missing half of it due to an unexpected work commitment. So, yes, technically DH could attend a family function 3 hours away on Saturday evening, BUT that means he won't see his kids perform this weekend, he would have to take the dog and his promised time with DC wouldn't happen! Of course, that would also mean that the entire event will be on my shoulders...Um...NO!!!

    Note to In-Laws, plan ahead, Monday is not the time to let us know that you are planning a huge event for Saturday. AND STAY OUT OF RELATIONSHIPS THAT DON'T CONCERN YOU!! If you must get involved, speak directly with the person, don't put the wife in the middle!


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    Not a good email to get at all.

    On the plus side, it sounds like they raised their son to be a great dad who honors his promises to his kids and his wife, and I hope your kids enjoy their performance this weekend!

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