My DD is on swim team in high school, if practice is cancelled, the coach will text the girls, I don't want to get up at 5:15 to drive her if I don't have to. She also reads on her phone like a kindle. So far we're ok, she turns it off at 10pm, no snaps or texts past 10pm and I regularly go through her phone and have complete access. I am also going to install this software to monitor her phone. She is 14 and a freshman. For now I'm letting her keep the phone in her room, she also has an alarm clock as a backup alarm, but regularly sleeps through it (and has for years, amazing that I hear it across the house but she doesn't wake up!).

Also, her "boyfriend's" parents and I have discussed their phone messaging and his parents also monitor his phone. Same with friends, and we have already had an occasion where one of the kids was concerned about the other and they came to the adults, yeah! They felt comfortable talking to use which we were happy about, and were able to help them work it out.

It's really what works for you and your family.