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    Quote Originally Posted by JustMe View Post
    Thanks for the replies! I understand the issue of ridiculously underfunded schools, and try to give people the benefit of the doubt and be reasonable. I have worked in public schools as well as for social service non-profit agencies. OTOH, I think what is particularly frustrating about my situation is that the case manager and others should have anticipated this or at least some probability of this. We had the 2 meetings (nothing was said about this possibility and in fact the case manager told me she would e-mail me to set up a meeting the week before school starts to go over the schedule, which of course has not happened). Dd and I showed up to the time/place when she was supposed to get her schedule and it is completely wrong (not one or two classes, but wrong in multiple ways...wrong in ways we had discussed preventing at the meetings). I alerted someone higher up at the school about this issue on Tuesday, she told me the schedule would be on-line Friday.

    So, today is Friday. Guess what. There is a schedule there--the same incorrect one we were handed. I called and left a message for her case manager today, so we will see what happens. School starts Wednesday.

    One thing I want to say to these people is--what about my time? Of course, primary issue is what about my dd with special needs, but that is why we had those meetings (which I had to miss work, for), that is why I waited to speak to the counselor for 45 minutes last week, and now I am finding time during the day to try to work this out before Wednesday.

    As far as going up the ladder, we will see if this is worked out by Wednesday. Up the ladder is not much better around here, and I had some help from a special ed administrator for the past few years, who just retired.
    I understand your frustration. It shouldn't happen. So definitely chase this up and get it fixed for your DD.

    I'm telling you it will continue to happen and get worse if funding is cut further. So, call your congressman and senator, and tell them the federal government needs to fund IDEA and not cut medicaid or special education funding, because your daughter will be adversely affected by these cuts. Don't just tell us or friends or school staff. Tell the people voting on the funding

    Everyone who has a child receiving special education services, needs to call and demand adequate funding.

    Here's another article that explains the problem http://www.understandingspecialeduca...n-funding.html
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    I'm so sorry. That is super frustrating. It sounds like it might be common now but that would drive me absolutely crazy. I definitely think you should pursue this as vigorously as you can. I know your ability to do that is limited because you have your own work, but I do think that persistence on your part will be needed with this new school. I wish you the best of luck!

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