thanks everyone!!

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Mine does not do that as far as I know. I think pure barre is amazing. Because of summer stuff I haven't been in a month and before then I was only going 2x a week. My body feels the difference. Starting next week, I am hoping to get back to 3 or 4x a week.

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i wasn't aware of the promotion (it's not really advertised) until i was nearing the end of my first $99 initial month and one instructor mentioned it. i can see why they do it now, bc they figure they can really get ppl hooked with 2 months unlimited! even without it though, i would have still bought the 12mo membership.

anyway i am lucky that the studio is very close to my i went during lunch.

also, should check out the new Empower class, it is great to get cardio in. it's also only 45 minutes.