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    I would not. IEP meetings are not fun. I think it would seriously damage his self esteem.
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    Than you all for your replies. This has been very helpful! DH and I agreed (after reading your responses) to leave him out of it.

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    Default Bring DC to first IEP mtg?

    I attend probably 80 IEP meetings a year. Itís a lot of information to take in for the parent let alone a 3rd grader. We talk about areas of strength, areas of need, and educational impact. The focus is on the areas of need and all the things he canít do that his peers can do. It can be very emotional for parents, especially if testing results are lower than expected. I donít think a 3rd grader has the emotional maturity to handle that. When heís high school, yes, but itís too much before then.

    I love the idea of asking him what he thinks will help and providing that input in the meeting. Iím going to suggest that to my teachers to ask parents to do that before meetings.

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