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    Found this interesting in my research

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    Default Any experience with an executive function coach?

    I just did a continuing education course today on executive functioning presented by this SLP

    It was very informative about research on executive functioning, areas where many people have difficulty (need to be able to create imagery of where you are, what doing and how moving in that space), and practical therapy techniques. Iím going to use them with DS who needs some help getting organized. Interesting she gave developmental norms for ability to see into future, 2 yo is now, 3-5 year old is 20 mins, DS in middle school is 2-3 days which is why he leaves big projects to last minute, so makes sense he needs help to plan things out.

    She has a newsletter you can sign up for and other materials you can purchase. Iím thinking of getting some things I can use with DS or at work.

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