We recently had ODS fully tested and in listening to the psychologist explain various issues I realized that I think DD (12) has inattentive type ADHD (minus the H! She is just the opposite - too chill!) It never occurred to me that her chronic messiness, disorganization, forgetfulness, daydreaming, and general air of "ditsy-ness" could be ADHD because she has always been a good student and gotten good grades. We've been so focused on ODS and his learning issues that I completely missed this one. I haven't had her formally tested and am not sure what/if we will do for that, but I've been reading about non medical interventions hoping to try a few things out informally. I was reading about wobble cushions, balance boards, and other balance training as "brain training" for improving focus in AD(H)D kids and wondering if anyone has tried it or has any insight? She does have some "fidget" or anxiety issues in that she will pick her skin (hangnails, scabs, rough patches) or fiddle with her earrings, in addition to the above issues. I welcome any insight.