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Was this a resin finish? Where did you take it to get it done?

I hate tablecloths, and they don’t work anyway. If you want protection from water, you need to use pads or a waterproof underlay. I use placemats on my wood table, but accidents still happen, and it’s just not practical for my kids. I cannot tell you how much I would LOVE not to have to worry about coasters, placemats, etc. I would even go the ugly laminate route if I could find something. So far, the Crate and Barrel tables are all I’ve found that are not super modern but have concrete or solid surface options. There are other concrete top tables I’ve found, also stainless steel, copper, and zinc, but I worry those will get rings from glasses or scratches or the like. Maybe coating a wood table with something would work best.

ETA: I’ve seen some quartz topped tables, too, but they’ve either been too small or too large. I need something under 80” but over 70”. Is love something expandable, but the surfaces I’m looking at don’t come in expandable options.

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Room & Board has lots of size, top, style options. You can choose any combination.