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    Default Gear/outfit for outdoor running

    I normally run laps in my indoor gym or run my treadmill. To change things up, I decided to join a running group that swears to run a mile at minimum daily outdoors, no matter the conditions from Thanksgiving through New Yearís Day.

    Outfits for outdoor running?? I plan to run either around 9am daily or around 4pm. I donít have anything long sleeve thatís lightweight enough to not feel bulky but warm, no idea where to look or type to buy?

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    Youíll catch me running in workout tights and a t-shirt over 45 degrees. I donít run under 25 degrees. The lingering cough I get from that isnít worth it to me anymore. 25-45, Iím fine in tights and a long sleeved tech shirt. I have a million freebies from all the races Iíve run. Nothing special.
    Gap Fit is my favorite lately for workout stuff. Cheaper than Athleta but a nice step up from Target. TJ Maxx is another good place to hit.
    I do wear thin gloves sometimes or shirts with thumb holes. I donít feel a need for a hat at those temperatures but would if running in colder weather.

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    Tech tights are probably going to be your best bet; GapFit if you can get it, but C9 by Champion (at Target) is a good deal. They have a wide variety of options in a variety of sizes, at a nice price point. Try stuff on to get a feel for sizing and fit and buy what feels best. If it's irritating while you're just mucking around in the fitting room, it's not going to make you happy while putting in the mile!

    ETA: I also like Road Runner Sports' house brand gear/clothing. They are often reduced in price and you can save more by signing up for a VIP membership, which gives you an extra 10% most of the year (20% during promotions) and is well worth the spend if you think you'll be serious about continuing your running/fitness plan beyond your "Thanksgiving to New Year's" timeline.

    If you'll be running at 4pm, be sure to also have reflective gear and/or lights so you can be seen!!!!

    There are a lot of great options for these things at Road Runner Sports:

    If you feel you need one, I'd use a fleece headband rather than a hat - that is, if something like that is compatible with your cochlear (I don't know enough about them to know whether you can do that without feedback or not; I really should educate myself!)

    I'm also pro-gloves, but I have sensitive hands & very dry skin, so I tend to always have gloves or mittens on my hands.
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    I was in a running group that ran early morning in St. Louis all winter... temperatures were sometimes in the teens... As a general rule, I would dress for temperatures 20degrees warmer because my body would head up when I ran. In addition to gloves and a cap, I wore compression shorts that I normally wear in the summer underneath my running pants. I also layered on top with wicking long sleeved shirts. Our trainer made a point to tell us to keep our core warm. Also, I brought lots of kleenex because my nose would run.....

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    What keeps you warm standing around at 70 degrees will keep you warm running at 30 degrees. At 30, I am in a long sleeve tech shirt and tights or pants. I might start with some think gloves and a head band that can get taken off and put in pockets. I get all my stuff from Road Runner Sports. Just know that their brand runs small--I always go up one size. Below 30 I add a lightweight rain jacket (marmot) for wind protection and to hold in warmth. Below 20 and not sunny, I will add a fleece vest. Then bump up the gloves to fleece and a thicker head band. That keeps me warm down to zero degrees during the day time. Also--wear long socks. There is nothing worse than having your ankles freeze in the slush!!
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