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Thread: Car seat WWYD?

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    Default Car seat WWYD?

    DS's car seat will expire in November 2018, he will have just turned 3. I would like to keep him RF until 4. I figured if I ask now, I can take my time to find a good deal. I figure I have two options for what to do.
    1. I can get an all-in-one seat for my car (RF, FF, and booster). There is a ton of them out there. Any recs?
    2. I can move DS's car seat that's in DH's car to my car. He'll be over 4 when that one expires. I would need to get a new car seat for DH's car. DC's are rarely in DH's car, so I'd be ok with him FF and getting a harnessed booster. Any recs for this option?
    Is there another option I am missing? TIA!

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    We had a similar situation. I let DS2 ride FF in DHís car about 6 mo earlier than in my car. He only rode in DHs car a couple of times a month. We ended up using a Frontier for forward facing, but it was DS1ís old seat, so I didnít have to buy it.
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    I'm buy a harnessed booster personally - how big is he/where is he on the growth chart?
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    We recently bought the Graco Slim Fit for DD2 since our other convertibles were expiring, and I really like it. She is nearly 4 but already forward facing. So I didnít need a convertible but found a really great deal and jumped. As a harnessed seat, it is really smooth, low profile, DD2 loves it, and climbs in and out herself. The install via latch is fine - not the best install Iíve encountered but definitely not the worst. It converts to a high back booster. I canít remember if it converts to low back but we are pretty far from needing those and I already have a Harmony for carpool, so I didnít really look for that feature when choosing the seat.
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