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    Default Holiday Gift Ideas 2017: Older Teens

    Let's share gift ideas! Please list ages and what you're planning to give. Links are always helpful, too!
    alan & denise

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    Not sure if 14 qualifies as "older" but i'll put this here. This year we are taking 14YO DD to see Wicked, since it works out in our schedule and it's the only thing she wants. For her birthday in Oct she got the book of sheet music for Wicked and Hamilton and we got tix to Hamilton. Part of her Xmas present this year will be the Hamilton hoodie we got her at the show, and maybe I"ll pick up some other Hamilton or Wicked stuff (a tee or something) at amazon. Small stuff for the stocking like lip gloss, a paperback, notebook, toiletries, puzzle book or hand held.

    In case it helps anyone, last year she asked for and got: a speaker for her ipod so we got her the Bose one while it was on sale at costco, a Ripstick skateboard, delicate nice earrings, a GC to Michaels (she is ALL about crafting), chocolate, page a day calendar, board game of Life, Flower pressing kit, macrame beading book, decks of cards (she does magic tricks), fun socks with cute designs on them,

    She also asked for Guitar lessons which she started in the spring. and she asked for wood carving stuff, which she didn't get so maybe that'll be for a future gift.

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    We have tickets to Wicked too.
    We also bought a mini-trip to Cedar Point. We go each year but I splurged on front of the line passes and concierge level onsite room. Just my teen and I hit the park while ds2 and dh chill at the hotel (they don't like rides).
    I'd love to consider both of those Christmas presents but not sure.
    Books, board games and video games are probably the bulk of things.

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    I bought by DN a ton of clothing. I would have bought her a gift card to various stores, but we went shopping in person instead. She requested gift cards to local restaurants she frequents with friends/study groups.

    DN wanted an Academy Sports giftcard. DS wants a phone (could be 2nd hand) and Lego minifigures. Also I bought Rubiks Race and Ticket to Ride.

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