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    Default winter fitness/accountability thread

    figure i should start a new thread given it's a new year! and i'm sure there are others that are looking to get back in shape after the holidays!

    i think i mentioned before, i joined a Pure Barre studio in June and i have been going 5x a week and it has been great. I see the biggest difference in my arms, and then probably my abs...much more toned. I also got really good about not eating as much (no snacking/eating after 8pm, that was my biggest downfall!). It is by my work so i got really motivated to go. I earned my 100 classes right before Christmas.

    Though the past several weeks with the holidays i have really slipped from the bandwagon re: eating. it's been nonstop "bad" food fest since December. Hard to get back in the swing of things when i've been off the wagon for so long.

    anyway today I went to Pure Barre at lunch time (50 min). it was abs were on fire by the end. i am thinking though i need to do some running as well as i've signed up for a 9mi race in 3 weeks and i've barely trained!! i am thinking of taking kids to go running after work. But the sun sets at 5:40 and then DD has her piano lesson at 6:15 (and thus dinner would have to be at 6:45) so it will be tricky getting it in, especially with hungry kids. We shall see. ah, not enough hours in the day.
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    Snow delays/ days, sick days, and holidays have not been good to my routine and Iím just not that good about working out without my routine. Wish I could say, ďoh, stuck at home? Iíll just put on this workout or at least do some push ups/weights/somethingď but I donít.
    Got a few good workouts in this week though. Nice run/ sprint combo and weights.
    My friend asked me about doing a half marathon but I stuck to my guns- Iím at peace with not being an endurance runner. Itís ok! Itís not for everyone. Iíve done one and thatís good enough for me.

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    Thanks for starting a new thread.

    I just started another 30-day yoga round with Yoga With Adriene. I've been getting up at 5am each day to have 30mins of peace to get her video in before the kids are up and I have to get lunches packed and breakfast on the table.

    I also ran 3mi today and yesterday. It's finally above arctic hell least until tomorrow. I haven't ran since before Xmas day because of the weather and it was really depressing me. We are supposed to get 12+" of snow starting tomorrow night and all next week is back into the teens for temps. I HATE this! I ran all winter last year and the year before and don't mind temps 20 or above but teens and neg windchill and no way, no how. Plus it is so freakin dark still that it just isn't very safe to be out there before work or after work so I fit the 3mi in during my lunch break. Thankfully no races for quite a while. I'm registered for my 2nd half marathon Memorial Day weekend.
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    Gluten free since Nov '11 after non-celiac gluten sensitive diagnosis. Have had great improvement or total elimination of: migraines, bloating/distention, heartburn, cystic acne, canker sores, bleeding gums, eczema on elbows, dry skin and scalp, muscle cramps, PMS, hair loss, heart palpitations, fatigue. I'm amazed.

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    Frozen pipes, twitchy heater and school break have done me in recently. Hoping to get a workout in tomorrow!
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    Thanks for starting this!

    I had surgery the day before thanksgiving, and am just now cleared to go back to gym. I'm just doing two days a week so far as the Monday 5am class is booked out 4 WEEKS (Grumble...), but on the waiting list for those. Goal is 3x/week, but work FTOH and with littles, there just isn't any other time slot I can make besides 5am. I do OrangeTheory and can tell a huge difference in my stamina having been inactive for 6 weeks!!

    It's going to be -3 tomorrow am, and I'm still so sore from Wednesday, but I'm going!!

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    Great thread! since I was doing well throughout 2017 with my weight loss, I was worried from November to Jan, Iíll gain more pounds back on cuz I always make excuses in the past holiday periods not to do it.

    So I joined holiday accountability running group where we have to run a mile minimum from day of Thanksgiving to New Yearís Day. That REALLY helped me!

    And now I joined Beachbody on Demand 80 day obsession FB group with small group of women. Starts on 15th! What I like about this is the continuing accountability and options to work out indoors at my home since itís in thick of winter now!

    We shall see.

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    I've just started using for workouts, aiming for 3-4 days/week. When spring arrives I will add in running outside, but right now we are buried in snow and with the short daylight, I just can't make it work to run during the winter. Next week I am going to be fasting from dessert and I'm hoping I can make it all week without being too grumpy! Hopefully that can lead to dessert being once or twice a week instead of every day for our family. Thank you for starting this thread! Accountability is so helpful.

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    I just got back from the gym and it was my first full week there since before Christmas- not that long I know but I was planning on 7-10 days off but it turned into longer because of snow days and school delays. I usually go M-F so it felt good to get there 5 days again and hoping I can keep it up. I also started a Whole30 on Monday. I love it so far and it has been easy but the challenge will be this weekend when we are running around and often eat out. I will have to plan ahead and bring food or eat before/after. A weekend without wine will also be tough!

    So for now my goals are to continue going to the gym at least 5 days a week and to complete the Whole30.

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