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Thread: Halo Bassinet?

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    Default Halo Bassinet?

    Anyone have a Halo Bassinet? I am thinking of getting the Essentia, as recommended by Baby Bargains. Wondering if anyone here has one, good or bad feedback appreciated.

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    I bought one from another mom for my 3rd child and only used it for a handful of nights. My DD had awful reflux with choking episodes and needed an incline so we used the rock n play until we got that more under control. We briefly tried it after than but my DD would always end up jammed against the edge of the Halo (which was mesh so probably fine) and just didn't sleep well in it. At that point, we transitioned her to the crib which was much better. I really dlsliked how big and heavy it was to have in my room and due to the swivel it needed a lot of space. The mom that had it before me had a similar experience, which is why she only used it a few nights too.

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