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    Default Potty training with poop advice???

    DS2 just turned 4 last month and we started PT (previously tried last fall but backed off as he wasn't ready) and for the most part it was successful. He's now peeing independently at home and preschool, however still poops in his underwear though!

    I pick him up daily from preschool 12:30 and have lunch at home, that's when he tend to go number 2. The very few successful attempts I've timed to get him to poop on potty but that's only like 3-4 times, rest of time he poops in his underwear despite putting him on potty every hour whenever we're not out and about.

    any advice on this part? He kept saying he doesn't want to poop in the potty or on the toilet, etc. Also, he's been dry for a week now overnight and I want to go diaper free at this point, but until this is resolved with him pooping I'm afraid to go diaper free for nights.
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    Will he poop in a pull up? My older two were in underwear long before they pooped on the potty. They would both ask for a pull up and would promptly poop in it. Id immediately stick them back in underwear after. DD did this for 1.5 years before pooping on the potty. And DS1 for 6 mo. DS2 was my only kid who was concurrently pee and poop trained. No amount of bribery helped my older kids with pooping on the potty.

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