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    Default High back booster questions

    This is probably an easy question, but Iíve been having trouble finding the answer using a google search. Do you lock the seatbelt before putting a kid in a high back booster?

    And, as a follow up question, anyone have any opinions/experience using the harmony folding high back booster?

    We are going on vacation and taking both kids with their car seats. DS (5) rides happily in a harnessed booster at home, but I am looking for something smaller/easier to travel with since I will be transporting both kids and both car seats. DD will be in the infant bucket. DH will meet us there but canít fly out with us due to work constraints so I am trying to make this as easy on me as possible. Thanks.

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    You do not lock the seatbelt on a booster seat. I haven't personally used the harmony folding high back booster, but have heard positive things about it. Another suggestion I have heard is packing the back part of a booster seat in your suitcase (assuming this would mean using a larger suitcase?) and carrying the bottom part on the plane as your child's personal item. Can't use it on the plane, but it does ensure you will have at least a backless at your destination if your luggage gets delayed.
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    We have that booster and it's ok - it's not as small as you might think when folded and it's kind of a PITA to put back together. Belt fit has always been fine for my kids though it tends to get hung up in the belt guide with some cars.

    Way more expensive options but might be worth it if you have a younger child are the ride safer vest the immi go seat (also at magic beans).

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    another option that would be easier to carry is a bubble bum. They have a shoulder strap to bring the seatbelt down, so it helps with that part of a HBB but doesn't have the side impact protection.
    We have an older version of this booster:

    We carried it on a trip last year when DS was still in a HBB. I put it in a red car seat bag and gate checked it. It is so light that it was no problem to carry through the airport. DS could carry it himself. I don't see much advantage of the folding booster compared to this one.

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