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    Default DisneyLand trip report

    We had a great time. We were three nights in the DL Hotel, had stayed at the Grand Californian 7 years ago and wanted to try something different - plus the price difference was significant. Did 2 day park hopper tickets.

    Thurs check into DL hotel - Fantasyland Tower, deluxe pool view room. We checked in around noon and our room was ready (even though they weren’t supposed to be until 3pm). I really liked this hotel (my DDs were obsessed with the lightup headboard - and they’re teens ), my only complaint is there wasn’t a balcony or windows you could open for fresh air, but that's a me-thing. There is some talk about it being "so much further" away from the parks than the Grand, but really it's like MAYBE 5min further.

    Walked to DTD. Security at entrance to DTD had some bag checkers more thorough than others, as usual lol. Hit shops, ate late lunch at La Brea Bakery (they were one of the DTD restaurants with a 10% discount code in our ticket package). Dinner at Goofy’s Kitchen Buffet (“free” character meal with Costco package). Not bad, lots of food choices, lots of characters including both Minnie and Mickey, and pic with Mickey (Goofy is pic with bfast buffet) - we all loved the monkey bread!! Back to DTD, did The Void immersive “Hyper reality” it was AMAZING and we really wanted to do it again, but it was completely booked up fri/sat. If you can go somewhere that has it, try it - so good!!

    Fri - Early entry DCA - first on Guardians (twice - it was worth it the theming is amazing and each time you go you can get a different story/song), Radiator Springs Racers (good thing we did this early I can't handle a 120+ min wait time), Little Mermaid, Toy Story, Soarin (where DD1 and I realized the smell they put through in the tropics section is the lobby of the Beach Club hotel in WDW!!). Since they are redoing the boardwalk there were a lot of things closed so we were able to power through there.
    To DL - Matterhorn, Small World, Pirates, Haunted Mansion, Big Thunder (we got a LOT done on this day which let us be more casual on Saturday).
    Dinner at DLH - self service Tangaroa Terrace. Back to DL to shop and do dessert at Jolly Holiday bakery.

    Sat Early Entry DL. Peter Pan (has to be first LOL!!), Mr. Toad, Alice, Big Thunder, Jungle Cruise, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Space mtn. Ate at Red Rose Tavern, I had heard a lot about the cauliflower sandwich - it was interesting lol.
    DCA - Grizzly River Run, Back to the hotel and did pool, hung around for a bit before returning later in the day for GOTG. Last minute dinner res at Wine Country Trattoria, got sidewalk seats for Paint the Night parade - amazing! We got there about an hour before parade started and I was worried we wouldn't get a spot but were really well located. I’m glad we stuck it out and went even though everyone was tired. (We had skipped Fantasmic on Friday night.)

    Got the MaxPass both days ($10 per person/day) and it was invaluable to be able to book FP on your phone. You could look at return times for all and decide which to do first. Plus you got all the Disney Photo Pass pictures from throughout the park. Less photo stations than in WDW but still worth it to have all of us in there.

    We really liked DL! So fun to just see characters walking around through the park having a day. We ran into the Evil Queen, Alice and the Mad Hatter, Gaston, Jessie from Toy Story, and I'm sure more I'm forgetting. Plus it was Dapper Days weekend so DD1 was obsessed with everyone in their poofy dresses and styled hair and makeup. She was dying to get a dress from The Disney Dress Shop. We walked over 20 miles in two days, justifying all the snacks/treats/ice creams/drinks.
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    Glad you had a great time! Yeah, nothing at DL is more than about 5 minutes from the gate (it's just not that big geographically), except the parking lots.

    As a resident of Orange County, I have to tell you that having a balcony would not have provide much "fresh" air. Since DL is tucked in right next to the freeway, you probably were better off not having open windows!

    We have some DL tickets we got as a gift that we need to use before we move. Trying to find a good time to go. Our schools get out late.
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