I just finished reading "Smart but Scattered Teens" and am overwhelmed. Trying to set up some systems to help both of my teens - one diagnosed and one not but has CLEAR deficiencies in executive skills. It got me thinking about all the smart devices we have (iPhones, iPads with the school district, Alexa, etc) and whether/how those could be used to help rather than me constantly having to do what they consider "nagging" and avoid me getting angry/stressed and causing more harm than good. I've considered an EF coach and may still try one, but we need to focus that person's attention because with 2 kids needing help across numerous domains it would be cost prohibitive at $100/hr! Off the top of my head I'm thinking some sort of daily lists for things like AM routine (little things like remembering SOCKS before DD is running out the door), after school routine (check online portal to ensure homework is all written down and look for missing items, do work, put in backpack or SUBMIT digitally - sad that this is even an issue, but it is!, etc), bedtime routine (pick out clothes for AM, dirties to hamper). Setting up those things would be easy enough but I'm thinking there has to be additional ways that these $$$ devices can help our ADHD/exec skills deficient kiddos prepare to be responsible adults, no?

Anyone use any good apps or have any tips or tricks? If not, care to brainstorm ways that you might use such devices to help with these types of issues?