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    Default Having trouble weaning my 13 month old

    My 13 month old does not want to wean. This wouldn’t be a problem except there really isn’t any milk left. I stopped pumping completely 2 weeks ago and before that I was down to pumping only once a day. She drinks water and milk from a sippy cup and eats well so I’m not worried about her nutrition - she’s just miserable. She’s super cranky and fussy especially around me. She takes a pacifier at day care but won’t take one from me. She tries to rip my shirt off constantly and throws herself in the horizontal position. When I do try to feed her many times she cries, kicks, squirms and arches her back which I assume is cause there isn’t anything there. Other times she will just hang out there just using me like a human pacifier and yell like crazy if I take her off. Not sure what to do about this and any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    When I weaned my guys I went cold turkey. I picked a day and didn’t nurse after that. She’s figured out that she can tantrum and you’ll let her nurse. How many times a day are you nursing now? We were down to just at bedtime when I weaned DC so I had DH put them to sleep for a few days until they adjusted. You’ll need to distract her with other things to get her mind off nursing. If you usually feed her in a particular spot, avoid it until she’s weaned. She most likely won’t take a cup when she’s wanting to nurse so I would distract her with a special toy she only gets when she wants to nurse. Hugs - it’s tough but she’ll adjust. Good luck!
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    I agree with the above, my DS weaned at about that age with no problems. DD was a completely different story, she weaned at 17 months and would still ask to nurse until she was 2.

    Just stick to your guns but it was very difficult for my DD.

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    I just nursed my kids forever. Much easier to parent them as toddlers when the boob was involved. it was my lazy approach to parenting. They are now 12, 8, and 4 and are all weaned (without much effort)

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