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Thread: Adult acne

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    Unhappy Adult acne

    I'm getting it really bad this summer! . I haven't really done anything different to try to deal with it, but wondering if I should cut way back on sugar and dairy? Anything else?

    Please help! So embarrassing, especially in the summer/ swimsuit season, and when I'm nearing 40!

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    Try Whole 30, my skin has been so smooth and no blemishes while doing it. Then as you reintroduce foods at the end really pay attention to any skin changes.

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    Yes, for me cutting out sugar was huge for me. I have mild rosacea and just by cutting out diary and sugar, my skin cleared up significantly.

    It seems I still get more flare ups in summer time cuz of heat and sun. so there’s little I can do about that besides being religious with my sunscreen care and staying in the shade as much possible.

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