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Thread: Radon levels

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    Default Radon levels

    We just had radon levels tested on the hone we have under contract and the levels came back high at 4.7. It’s only a 7 year old house and the basement is unfinished.
    We will be asking the sellers for mitigation but I have no idea if they will agree to it.

    So I wanted to know if any of you have done mitigation for a home and what is involved and how much that cost? I read up information on the web but I would like to hear if anyone has any first hand experience of doing this.


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    It usually cost $1000 to 2000 for radon mitigation. Your seller should pay. The risks of actual harm from radon are super low unless you plan on living in the basement exclusively for a few decades. Radon is naturally occurring in certain areas of the country and has nothing to do with the age of the home. You need to have it fixed for resale purposes though.

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    4.7 is not super high and mitigation is usually not super pricey - maybe $1500? Not a deal breaker IMO if you love the house, but I bet the seller will agree to it because now they have to disclose the info. Good luck!
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    We had the home we are in now tested and the levels were high. The seller fixed it even though it was not a test commonly done in this area back then. It's not a huge fix or expense.
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