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    Both my kids (ages 12 & 13) and their friends, unfortunately, are all really into brand names. Everyone has North Face jackets & backpacks, not based on what they tell me, but based on what I see, as well. I hate how expensive they are, but you certainly do get good quality. Luckily, DD is still willing to wear her brother's (brand name) hand me downs, so we are getting more mileage out of them. Also, especially DS (at 5'11'), they are approaching the age where they don't outgrow things as quickly as when they were younger so we are getting more use out of things. I definitely miss the years when they'd wear the sale Land's End jackets.
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    Default Parents in cold climates, what do your older elementary girls wear for a winter coat?

    Enjoy the LE/etc years while you can! My newly-14-y.o. DGD1 is not brand conscious but instead is developing her own quirky style, and now has definite ideas about what she wants to wear. Her recent verdict on LE is that she likes their swimwear but the clothes are "boring." However, so far her style has not yet extended to winter coats. I’m guessing that she’ll still be wearing her LE parka from last year when it gets cold.

    Fortunately for me, 7-y.o. DGD2 is still fine with what we get from LE sales! LE parkas, snow bibs, etc are still the mainstays of her winter outerwear (as they are for her parents, and for me ... minus the snow bibs, which wouldn’t get much use in NC!).

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