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    Default Favorite eggplant parm recipe?

    We have an eggplant from our CSA. I've made eggplant parm. once before but none of us were very excited about it. I'll give it another go if you have a great recipe to share!

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    I know this response is late and you've probably needed to use your eggplant already, but I'm just seeing this -- I very recently just made one I absolutely loved! It was the first recipe that came up from Food Network TV's website when I searched eggplant parm. I highly recommend it! I followed the recipe for the eggplant part but cheated and just used jarred sauce instead of making it (as the recipe has it). I wish I could link it for you but I'm in Europe right now and Food Network recently changed their setting and won't allow me to log into their US site anymore (grrr!) so I can't pull it up.
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