Hi everyone!

I'm taking my Brownies camping next month and would like to cook one meal, that being DINNER on our 2nd night with the idea of going with either a one-pot/dutch oven OR foil packet meal, depending on the girls' preferences.

I rather lean towards the foil packets as that will require the least cleanup, but I've seen some amazing recipes for pasta (including a dutch-oven lasagna that looks fantastic!) and cooked a chicken-and-rice dish myself as part of my camping training.

So, hit me up with your favorite EASY foil-packet recipes using CHICKEN or PORK. (I'm not quite brave enough to try fish, though I'm sure salmon or mahi-mahi would be lovely.)

I can probably approximate cook-times based on how much charcoal I use (X number of briquettes equals 350F, etc.) or how high the flame will be.

Thanks in advance!