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Thread: First bras?

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    Default First bras?

    My DD (10) has recently developed breast buds and has been wearing sports bras with many outfits now. I would like to buy her some kind of non-sporty bra that might work with dresses...any ideas of brands to try or places to look?

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    Default First bras?

    Justice. The sizing I think runs small though as Dd1 (12) wears their size 32 bra. She has the one below, and she likes the padding because she is conscious of her nipples showing. She is probably almost an A cup now, but the Justice bras donít have a cup size.

    She must have tried 5 or 6 different styles in the store.

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    No matter which brand, just go and try it on. It's a bad idea to buy a bra online.

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    My DD had some good ones from Justice when she was younger! They seemed to withstand repeated washing, too! She's now 14 and I recently took her to a boutique for a proper fitting and it turns out she fits a 28 band! I feel bad because the last ones I bought her were 32. Those bras must have been pretty unsupportive!
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    My 11yr old DD has some cotton ones from ON and Target.

    These work great. Target has very similar style and also a style of the same shape but with removable light padding if you need to smooth the area out or keep nipples from showing.
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