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    Default YMMV REI Outlet extra % off - Bogs $41.XX

    I have been looking for used bogs locally and haven't found them... these are an ugly color IMO but I think DS will like them.

    SD said code EXTRA20 for 20% off but that one didn't work for me - I used OUTAUG18 for $10 off.

    editing to add: I looked closer - the $10 off code ends today and EXTRA20 starts on the 24th.
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    That is a great deal. I have been waiting to purchase Bogs at a discount but don't want to wait too long. Another deal is on They are doing 30% off right now (expires today) with code EMLAUGUST30EXT. Free shipping. Brought price of Bogs winter boots to $55.97. Tons of color choices and good size range. I purchased for DS and DD.

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    Alternatively, if you are a Costco member, their Western Chief Bog knock offs for under $20 are fantastic! Obviously not a Costco link but showing what they look like

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